Be fully rewarded

Here at Certainest, we pride ourselves on having dedicated staff, all committed to making our clients products and projects a success. Our team is full of fresh, creative thinkers who are enthusiastic and passionate about contributing new ideas to the world of application development and IT in general.

We foster a work culture of collaboration, problem solving and team building. Through the years we have maintained a start-up culture with a fun environment to promote creativity among all workers and encourage the overlap of technical, creative and business teams to learn from each other.

  • Terrific salary packages

  • Generous vacation allowance

  • Dedicated education allowance that you decide how it’s used

  • Excellent insurances

  • Excellent retirement planning

  • Connection to the best assignments in western Sweden

  • Real support if you have a side project (related to your work in some way)

  • A real career plan which includes certifications and professional qualifications

  • Be more than a consultant, if you wish we actively seek your involvement in the business

  • Get connected to excellent colleagues with diverse skills and experiences

What we're looking for

We are looking for bright individuals who consider software development more of a passion than a career.   Someone who finds the challenge of staying up-to-date fun rather than troublesome.  

Certainest value personal skills equal to technical skills, you must be equally capable of being a member of a team, working alone or leading from the front.  You must be able to inspire, discuss, teach and learn from others. 

How we reward

Certainest is one of the very few companies in the market that are truly independent.  We are not owned by another company, and we are not public-listed, we don’t have to kick-up a percentage of income to anyone.  The money that is earned within Certainest is recycled back into Certainest.  We re-invest in the form of market-leading salaries, dedicated-individual education budgets and employee profit sharing.  

We financially support and actively encourage our staff to have side projects such as, mobile-app development, subject-matter blogging, develop new technical solutions or even to build a team of their own.  Your idea, our support.

RECRUITMENT process, nice and simple 

The recruitment process is very simple as the management structure is very flat and a very simple decision process.  A candidate wishing to work with us, requests an interview and sends in their CV.  

We have an interview and if we like you we ask you to take a simple aptitude test whilst we check your references.  Once this is completed we agree hiring terms and a start date.  Fast, simple, pleasant, clear.