Leadership in IT projects and change


Certainest Leadership

Certainest Leadership is a collection of senior, experienced and knowledgeable consultants, each with over 10 years of relevant experience at the highest level. 

At Certainest Leadership we combine Senior Enterprise Architects with Senior Project Managers to lead successful IT change within your organisation.  Certainest can lead your projects and your teams to ensure a meaningful difference is made to your organization.


What we do 

Certainest has a unique approach to IT management, projects and business change. We believe that it is essential to combine top-class IT Architectural knowledge with the very best of project management to deliver the most amount of change in the short possible time-frame.


How we do it

By ensuring that your projects are lead correctly from the start, we can be certain all your initiatives are built on strong foundations.  Strong IT Architecture ensures the goals of the project are right. Strong Project Management ensures the goals will be reached, on time and within budget.


There are quite a few ideas circulating about what makes a good agile coach. Should they be a senior developer with excellent coding prowess? Should they be excellent people managers or project managers? Should they be something new, something we haven’t seen before? At Certainest we are at the forefront of developing answers to these questions and seeking how to evolve IT project delivery. Agile projects present us with new roles, and new ways to use our expertise:

  • Mentor – Develops ‘how to’s’

  • Consultant – Develops frameworks

  • Coach – Develops and sets shared goals

  • Counselor – Develops structures to resolve blocks

  • Change Agent – Focuses on embedding change

  • Facilitator – Supports finding solutions

  • Lean Leader – Develops people

  • Trainer/Teacher – Skills development through instruction