About Certainest

Our short story of who we are.

Certainest, The Story so Far... 

Certainest have raised the bar in IT Consultancy with a professionalism and skill-set that is as unique as each of our consultants. Our combination of imagination, innovation and subject-matter knowledge makes us a set of must hire consultants.   Who we are as professionals will draw you in to us, but who we are as people will hopefully build a long-term and quality relationship.  

The company was started a number of years ago in Gothenburg by an experienced Enterprise Architect and a senior Project Manager. Their ambition was to create a company that combines these two disciplines together to ensure customers IT projects are started on solid technical principles and driven by proper IT leadership. With this as a guiding principle it has grown to become a place for the best experienced consultants and the freshest youngest minds to work side-by-side.

We pride ourselves on our approach, our craft and our attention to detail. We also put a lot of time into nurturing our relations with our clients. We believe in charm, good manners, punctuality and a healthy dose of humour – we take pride in our work, we take pride in staying current, we take pride in respecting core-values. 

We are: Certified, agile, flexible, nimble, responsive and adaptive. There’s no hierarchy to trip over, no massive overheads in our costs nor in our decision making.  We are just a dedicated group of people who are involved, talented and focused on delivering your projects.


Our Customers Include

Volvo Cars, Boeing, Västra Götalandsregionen, Volvo Truck, Astra Zeneca, Lindex, Telia…….

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15 Consultants

Hand-picked and specialised

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gothenburg based

Independent & local but with a global mindset

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specialised in IT

IT Leadership and system development