IT Consultancy absolutely beyond doubt. 


Working @Certainest

If you have a desire to be exceptional and talented at your work, and you wish to be part of an excellent group of IT professionals then Certainest is the next step in your career.  

We recruit senior IT people who want to be rewarded for their valuable knowledge and experience, and we also recruit those in the process of building a strong career and reputation.

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Certainest is a Gothenburg based consultancy working within the IT field.  We combine senior, experienced leaders with exceptional young talent to create a certainty and excellence throughout the life-cycle of your projects. 

We specialize in  |  architecture | project management | application development | technical testing | scrum masters | quality assurance | service management | DevOps

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Certainest Development

At Certainest Development we have assembled a group of uniquely talented individuals who specialize in software development.  Software developers, technical testers, DevOps and Scrum Masters are recruited for their excellence in their specific field.

We also continuously invest in our employees development with a personal education budget to ensure they maintain the highest level of knowledge.

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Certainest Leadership

At Certainest Leadership we pair Senior Enterprise Architects with Senior Project Managers to lead successful IT change within your organisation.

Certainest will lead your projects and your teams to ensure your initiatives will make a long-term and meaningful difference to your business.

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Having or feeling no doubt |  without uncertainty  | established beyond doubt  | Certain to occur  | reliable in operation  | absolutely confident


Who we are..

Our Philosophy

Certainest exists to provide an exceptional place to work for exceptional people and to be a consultancy whose customers know they are hiring the very best staff with the most up-to-date knowledge.

We have plenty of drive and ambition to improve your business and we have the governance from our core values to ensure our efforts are applied correctly.