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A Göteborg based consultancy specializing in:


IT Architecture | Project Management | Business Analysis | Quality Assurance | Service Management


We combine Senior Enterprise Architects with Senior Project Managers to lead successful IT change within your organisation.  Certainest will lead your projects and your teams to ensure your IT change will make a long-term and meaningful difference to your organization.


Project Leadership

IT Project Management
Program Management
Business Leadership
PMO Leadership

IT Architecture

  • Enterprise architecture
  • Infrastructure architecture
  • Solution architecture
  • Integration architecture

Service Management

Problem Management
Release Management
Incident Management
Supplier Management

Dictionary definition


  • Having or feeling no doubt
  • Without uncertainty
  • Established beyond doubt
  • Certain to occur
  • Reliable in operation
  • Absolutely confident

Our Approach

At Certainest, strong experienced project management is seen as essential from the very beginning a project is started.  From defining the business case through to establishing the way of working.  From building the team to managing the work and issues.  From assuring quality in the deliveries to managing the stakeholders.

We believe an experienced IT Architect is vital for a project, development or change within IT of any kind. The role applies IT resources to meet specific business requirements to full fill the business needs of a company

Aside from being well run and governed by sensible and solid architectural principles a project must be rooted in an understanding of business needs and circumstances. Business Analysis is the backbone of a successful project.


We will get more from your existing IT teams and investments


A proud ability to work within existing teams and frameworks


The strength to drive change when needed and deliver your results and vision


Characteristics of Certainest consultants


Actively participate


Add value through input


Drive when appropriate


Analyze, absorb and understand


Strong fare leadership


Seek valuable inputs


Wide Experience and deep knowledge

Areas of Expertise

  • Architecture
  • Business Intelligence
  • Infrastructure Solutions
  • ERP Solutions
  • Leadership and Change

These are some of the skill zones and knowledge areas covered.

Our Industries

  • Manufactoring
  • Banking
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Commuications
  • Local and Regional Government

We have contributed & lead projects in many more industries.

Our History

  • Volvo Ocean Race IT Leadership
  • SAP implementations
  • Volvo Cars Retail
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX implementations
  • Exchange Global Operations Manager

Certainest has a proud and long history of successful projects.

Our Focus

The key areas of Certainest

Infrastructure Management

Management of essential operation components, such as policies, processes, equipment, data, human resources, and external contacts, for overall effectiveness

Project Management

Deliver processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to achieve the project objectives

Leadership and Change

Analysis of existing organizational problems and the development of plans for improvement.

Business Consulting

Provide management consulting to help organizations find key areas to improve performance and efficiency.

IT Architecture

The IT Architect is to determine which information technology investments will yield the best return, both in terms of hard costs and productivity benefits.

Application Development

Leadership in application design, programming methods and documenting standards.   Delivering project and systems that are cost efficient and easy to maintain and manage.


Combined Strengths

Certainest has a unique approach to IT Management, projects and business change. We believe that it is essential to combine top-class IT Architectural knowledge with the very best of project management.

By ensuring that your projects, are lead correctly from the start, we can be certain all your initiatives are built on strong foundations.

Strong IT Architecture ensures the goals of the project are right. Strong Project Management ensures the goals will be reached, on time and within budget.

The correct ambitions coupled with the right drive will ensure you receive the return on investment you seek.

  • Don’t Lose Your Focus. Long, tough projects need firm leadership to stay on track and within budget to the end.

  • Don’t Be Afraid to take the hard decision. Certainest have the ability to deliver the tough changes without creating further issues

  • If It’s Not Written Down It Didn’t Happen. Certainest believe in smart agile documentation

  • Every hour of planning is 2 hours saved in execution.

  • Early involvement in the project is the key to success

  • There Are No Technical Projects, There Are Business Projects With Technical Components

The Team

Certainest @Consultants

Bradley Ells

Senior Consultant
Project Manager

Mattias Lafrenz

Senior Consultant
Enterprise Architect

Per Haddäng

Senior Consultant
Operations Management

Marie Ells

Senior Consultant
Quality Assurance


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